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A Tip On How Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Got A Bad Deal

by | 18th, July 2008

PSSST! Want to know how to save money on your political campaign?

The US Presidential race is an expensive affair: Republican agonist John McCain has total receipts of $100.4 million for the whole campaign, less than half of Barack Obama’s total of $266.6 million since January 2007.

Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign to secure the Democrat Party’s nomination cost $212 million.

Big money.

But it could have been all decided for less, much less. No, not by a game of Russian Roulette, rather by aping the New Labour project.

The Deal, Stephen Frears’ “prequel to The Queen” is having its “world theatrical premiere” at an American Cinematheque screening at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on July 23.

Says the blurb:

The recent race to determine the Democratic Party nominee for President lasted 18 months and cost the combatants approximately one billion dollars. And left a lot of blood on the ground.

But a similar battle within Britain’s Labour Party in 1994 – between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – was resolved more swiftly. And cheaply.

It was decided over a 45-minute meal in a trendy London restaurant. And the entire leadership campaign cost $38. (Plus tip).

And better yet, after the party leadership has been decided over hemlock, you don’t even need an election to find a national leader afterwards…

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