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Banning Knives From TV

by | 18th, July 2008

THE Sun and Star both feature the same picture of a blonde child holding up a huge meat cleaver.

Is it Gordon Ramsay’s daughter staring in her new yoof cookery show? Not yet.

This is Jenni Woodcock, 17 (Star), who managed to go into a shop and buy a kitchen utensil.

It is illegal for under-18s to buy knives, and the Sun, which – get this – bills Woodcock at 16 (did she show her ID to the papers), is outraged that a minor should get one.

It’s just awful.

Anorak wonders how long it is before knives are banned from appearing on TV and other media lest under-18s get the wrong idea.

Look out for Gordon Brown telling us that from now in we should lick our plates clean…

Note: TV’s Naomi Cleaver is to hereon known as Naomi Chop-Stick

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