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Denver Moves To Ban People Carrying Human Waste

by | 21st, July 2008

THE Democratic National Convention is coming to Denver.

And the local city burghers are worried about demonstrations.

“Someone could literally shutdown the convention if they had the right tools,” says Doug Linkhart, chairman of the City Council’s Safety Committee.

So there’s a proposal to ban anyone from carrying a tool, object, or instrument that “can be used to obstruct roadways, sidewalks, or the entrances of buildings”.

Know that these include “chains, quick setting cement, padlocks, handcuffs and other locking devices”.

We’re simply saying you can’t have those in a protest or on site if we can prove you’re intending to use them,” Linkhart says.

But better than barring people from carrying cement:

The proposed bill would also make it illegal to possess any noxious substance, such as human waste.

How the city will check for signs of protestors carrying human waste is not enlarged upon, but don’t rule out the use of X-Ray machines, catheters and a leafleting drive to ensure everyone’s been before they leave home…

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