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Madeleine McCann: Police Errors, Kate And Gerry McCann Speak, And Amaral’s Book

by | 22nd, July 2008

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

Portuguese prosecutors have shelved the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. Kate McCann, Gerry McCann and Robert Murat are not longer official suspects.

Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro, Portugal’s Attorney-General, told police to halt the investigation into of Madeleine’s disappearance.

A statement released by his office confirmed that it had decided to “close the file on the investigation concerning the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann due to lack of evidence that any crime was committed by the persons placed under formal investigation”.

But it’s not the end of the matter. And Madeleine McCann returns to the nations’ front pages:


No not an editorial by the Mirror’s staff wodnering where this story will end, rather words ascribed to Kate and Gerry McCann.

Says “angry” Kate McCann: “It is hard to describe how despairing it was to be named as arguido. It has been devastating to witness the detrimental effect this has had on the search”

Pages 4 and 5: “McCanns vow to keep up search for Madeleine and leave…NO STONE UNTURNED.”

Under the table, out of sight of cameras, her hand trembled as she gripped her husband’s, fighting to keep her emotions in check.

What of Robert Murat, the one the Mirror’s Lori Campbell introduced to the police?

Mr Murat spoke of his joy at being cleared but said he too now wanted the focus to be on finding her. The dad of one, 34, said: “It’s a good feeling but doesn’t take away from the fact there is still a child missing, which is very sad. I was dragged into this because of Madeleine’s disappearance so I would like to know what happened.”

FIONA PHILLIPS: “Let’s hope that they find peace one day”

Any human being with a heart will have felt the same as me – that Kate and Gerry McCann should never have been suspects at all.

If you don’t agree with Phillips then you are heartless, something less than human. Hey, you might not even be a parent:

They are an ordinary family who have lost their daughter and, as a parent, my heart goes out to them…

But as a parent, I know exactly what it’s like to go on a family holiday and be lulled into a sense of security.

DAILY MAIL: “McCanns’ fury – and despair – at Portuguese police as they are finally cleared”

Glasgow-born Mr McCann and his wife, both 40, had not ruled taking legal action against the Portuguese authorities for the way they have been treated.

The dodgy DNA evidence that lead to the McCanns being made suspects

Detectives apparently believed that scientists found Madeleine’s DNA and blood in the apartment and in the McCanns’ hire car, which they did not rent until 25 days after her disappearance.

Armed with that ‘evidence’ and the knowledge that dogs supposedly found the ‘scent of death’ on Mrs McCann’s clothes, they decided to name the couple as suspects.

But the final report from the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham several weeks later said that the DNA evidence in the case was inconclusive, and did not support the police’s theory.

The forensic evidence which led to Kate and Gerry McCann being named as suspects was misunderstood by Portuguese police, it was claimed yesterday.

Detectives wrongly believed the work of British experts supported their theory that Madeleine had died in her parents’ rented holiday apartment, when in fact the DNA analysis was inconclusive, it was suggested.

The claims come from leaks from inside the Portuguese investigation, based on an initial British forensic report into the case.

THE SUN (front page): “MADDIE”


The couple have fought long and hard to gain access to the documents, which could be available as early as the end of this week for a period of 20 days only.

After the 20-day term, the world’s media will then have the right to apply to view them.


“Having consistently spoken up for Kate and Gerry McCann, I can welcome the official clearing of their names over Maddie without being called a hypocrite”

That’s the important thing. What of Robert Murat, also cleared? Nothing. Not a word.

DAILY EXPRESS (front page): “MADELEINE – Now Kate will see police files at last”

Great news. Now the Express can start featuring our Maddy on its front page again.

THE TIMES: “Kate and Gerry McCann cleared over Madeleine disappearance”

Remember those bungling Portuguese cops?

According to reports yesterday, one key error that led to the McCanns being declared suspects was made by Britain’s own Forensic Science Service.

The report, apparently from the Portuguese authorities and which was leaked to the London Evening Standard newspaper, states that the Policia Judiciaria, Portugal’s criminal investigation department, was told that DNA evidence found in the couple’s hire car, on the window sill of their holiday apartment and in the car park of the apartment complex, belonged to Madeleine.

The document claims that it was given categorically as her DNA and as a result the McCanns were questioned and later made suspects. But, one month later, the forensic service wrote another report saying that it could not be sure that those findings were correct.

THE INDEPENDENT: “Pandora: ‘You can imagine how I felt’ – Max Clifford”

Henry Deedes reads the Anorak.

McCanns finally cleared of blame over daughter’s disappearance

Goncalo Amaral, the detective in charge of the initial inquiry who was removed from the case, will publish a book this week making clear his belief that Madeleine died in her parents’ apartment on the night of her disappearance.

THE GUARDIAN: “Case closed: no leads, no suspects but, say McCanns, the hunt for Madeleine goes on”

“We welcome the news today, although it’s no cause for celebration,” Kate McCann said at a press conference last night.

DAILY TELEGRAPH (front page): “Case closed, but parents’ hunt goes on”

THE HERALD: “McCanns’ anguish: police should be in the dock”

Shame on the Portuguese police force. It emerges from the investigation of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance with its credibility in tatters. Where to begin? It has failed to find Madeleine or even to establish whether she is alive or dead, yet it has shelved her case.

It’s “COLETTE DOUGLAS HOME”. Yeah, those bungling Portuguese plods need to be punished. They’re not like our British coppers. Not like the Forensic Science Service…

Madeleine McCann: The news goes on…

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