Anorak News | Obamania: Barack Obama Invokes Memories Of Past Leaders In Germany

Obamania: Barack Obama Invokes Memories Of Past Leaders In Germany

by | 25th, July 2008

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BARACK Obama has been in Germany. He is pictured in most paper with one arm raised in the air. The papers all sense echoes of J. F. Kennedy.

But Anorak senses something else, a mixture of the messiah and a charismatic leader from Germany’s past.

“I thought he was very good,” said Julian Metz, a 27-year-old architecture student in Berlin who shook Obama’s hand after the speech. “It was a great feeling to touch him’ – Bloomberg

The Times calls him a “political messiah”. Enthusiasts “dangled from lamp posts first erected by Nazi town planner Albert Speer”.

There were “hints of a future steeliness”.

Says Benedict Nightingale: “There can’t be a politician who looks and acts more clean-living… He does not wave his hands about very much. And when he does it is not an empty gesture but serves to underline a point.”

“Thousands fall under senator’s spell,” says the Telegraph’s Andrew Gimson.

“From an early afternoon it became evident that a religious event was taking place in Berlin. Pilgrims streamed into the Tiergarten, determined to see and hear the man they have come to believe in as their saviour…

Mr Obama’s devotees streamed on foot and by bicycle towards the Victory Column, which commemorates the Prussian defeat of the French in 1870 and was moved to its present position by the Nazis, who also made it taller”

Let’s invade Russia! Says Obama:

“Poorly-secured nuclear material in the former Soviet Union or secrets from a scientist in Pakistan could help build a bomb that detonates in Paris.”

Lets invade Paris!

Gerhard Spörl in Der Spiegel:

Anyone who saw Barack Obama at Berlin’s Siegessäule on Thursday could recognize that this man will become the 44th president of the United States. He is more than ambitious—he wants to lay claim to become the president of the world…

All I vant is a little peace…

McCain is 25 years his senior, a man who because of the torture he endured in Vietnam is in constant pain—unable to comb his hair or lift his arm in celebration.

Hands up for Obama…

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