Anorak News | Barack Obama: Obama The Muslim Brother, Hiding From Gordon Brown And The Death Cult

Barack Obama: Obama The Muslim Brother, Hiding From Gordon Brown And The Death Cult

by | 26th, July 2008

OBAMANIA Watch – Anorak’s look at Barack Obama in the news

Barack Obama is in the UK for the final leg of his world your. He’s meeting Tony Blair. Let us pray:

THE SUN: “Barack Obarmy”

HUNDREDS of cops were standing by today to keep crowds at bay as the Barack Obama roadshow hit London.

Obama’s having breakfast with Tony Blair.

Obama’s presidential rival John McCain was campaigning on home soil and met the Dalai Lama when the Tibetan spiritual leader visited Aspen, Colorado.

Skiing up mountains…

Obama’s brother is in Bracknell

HE may be living in a Bracknell council house, but soon he could be dining with his brother at the White House. The Sun was the first newspaper to track down and speak to Bernard Obama, 37. And he said of Democrat candidate Barack: “I’m very proud of my big brother.”

Any insight into the Obama way?

Muslim Bernard — an avid Manchester United fan and Sun reader — is staying with his bingo-loving mum Kezia, 67, who has lived in the Berkshire new town for six years.

THE GUARDIAN: “Obama and Brown in talks at No.10”

A relaxed looking Mr Obama landed in the UK on Friday night in a plane emblazoned with the words “Change we can believe in”…


Barack Obama: Charm offensive wins over angry crowd … of reporters

It did not look like adoration on Monday. The disgruntled media pack clashed with Obama’s team on the flight from Amman to Israel. The team offered an off-the-record account of a meeting between him and King Abdullah of Jordan: the reporters wanted it on the record, arguing it was presumptuous of Obama to expect White House rules on anonymity to apply while he was just a candidate. The Obama team walked away.

There was another, bigger gripe. No journalist had accompanied Obama on one of the most newsworthy parts of the trip, Afghanistan and Iraq, and the television and print journalists had to rely on camera footage shot by the US military and a Senate aide on his mobile phone, raising questions about the ethics of using such material. Obama was able to get pictures of himself in the war zones on US domestic television while retaining total control.

Believe. Don’t argue. Have faith.

GLASGOW DAILY RECORD: “Obama Roadshow Schmoozes Into Uk”

Brown and Obama – who bonded during the PM’s last trip to Washington – will hammer out details of their plans during an hour-long meeting in Number 10… Obama will then take questions outside the famous black door – though political protocol means Brown must stay inside.

Well, would you want to be stood next to Brown?

But the operation is far more low-key than George Bush’s visit last month when more than 2000 cops were out on the streets.

President Bush and US Senator Obama don’t need the same levels of security: President Bush gets thousands of bodyguards; the Sun says Senator Obama gets mere “hundreds”.

Instead, Obama is being shadowed by US secret service agents and UK “close protection” officers. A Scotland Yard source said: “We are acutely aware of his status and the risks of assassination.”

It’s the UK brand of the Barack Obama Death Cult.

DAILY MIRROR: “RESULT!: Going barmy over Obama”

First he travelled to Iraq, presumably in search of other people named Barack Obama. Then he went to Berlin where he was met by a crowd of 250,000 confused Germans, most of whom had only turned up because they thought it was a Barack-tober fest.

DAILY MAIL: “Barack’s big mistake . . .” It’s Amanda Platell, and it is beyond parody:

There was something rather unsettling about the arrogance of Barack Obama’s ‘My Way’ speech in Germany. It wasn’t just that he assumed the right to lecture the world. It was disconcerting watching a young lawyer from Illinois assuming the mantle of President before his people have even had a chance to make him one.

Obama sought to emulate John F. Kennedy’s 1963 ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech. In Obama’s case, it came over rather more like his ‘Ich bin ein chancer’ moment.

FINANCIAL TIMES: How Obama-love could hurt the thing it cherishes most

“Mr Obama would probably still be in the Illinois state legislature if he did not have the extraordinary ability to inspire Obama-love; he may not get to the Oval Office if he cannot also pull off what may be the tougher task of persuading enough Americans that somehow, simultaneously, he is just one of us.

THE INDEPENDENT: “Will Obama’s rock-star moment in Berlin backfire?”

What does Mr Obama underestimate? The risks of hubris? (A reminder to some in Germany: he is candidate Obama, not President Obama.) Or how irritating it is to see Europeans going batty for him?

Enter Obama, pursued by politicians desperate to bask in his reflected glory

Mr Brown and Mr Obama, therefore, will be pictured in a formal “grip and grin” handshake outside No 10, before the candidate takes questions in the street.

THE HERALD: “The long and short of Smith’s transfer dealings”

It’s DARRYL BROADFOOT, Chief Football hack:

In a week when Barack Obama pledged to help “remake the world” on the European leg of his presidential campaign trail, Walter Smith resisted the temptation to clamber on to his soap box to bemoan the financial constraints he believes UEFA have inflicted on the continent’s underprivileged football nations.


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