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Hair It Is: Scientists Return David Cameron’s Bike

by | 27th, July 2008

WHAT did David Cameron says when his bike was stolen?

The Times says he “had his bike pinched while he popped into his local Tesco supermarket in north Kensington to ‘buy some salad’”.

Anorak was certain Cameron said he had popped out for some “salmon”. On such things common touches are established and lost.

But there was one fact: Cameron’s bike has gone. He left his bike outside, and when he returned, there it was, gone.

But the bike is now returned. And it’s all thanks to the Sunday Mirror and its contacts on the street.

While the Tory leader sat at home bemoaning his loss, we enlisted the help local community elder Ernest Theophile and his Rasta friend “KJ”, who used their street contacts to trace the bike. It had been dumped in a nearby street with the front wheel gone.

And not only was the bike there:

Cameron’s distinctive black and silver cycle helmet was still hanging from the handlebar. And the pump, lights and other fittings were untouched – as were the chain and lock he’d thought would secure it.

Cameron said: “I’m surprised they didn’t take the helmet – you’d think they would get something for that on eBay.”

Maybe the felons only want to borrow it, to remove from it a thread of Cameron’s hair and whip it down to the alb for analysis?

How many people have a bike stolen and then returned? And how long before the tabloids are calling this BikeGate, or SalmonGate, or SaladGate, or Notting Hill Gate Gate?

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