Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Eamoon Holmes Empathises, Police Files Go Public And Maddie Wristbands On eBay

Madeleine McCann: Eamoon Holmes Empathises, Police Files Go Public And Maddie Wristbands On eBay

by | 4th, August 2008

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BRACE yourselves for lots of Madeleine McCann shocker headlines. Portuguese police might have shelved the case, but the thousands of pages of evidence assembled in the official search for the missing child are expected to be made public at 2pm today.

Hacks will today be able to look through thousands of pages of witness statements, transcripts of interviews with the McCanns, tip offs and details of the lines of inquiry detectives pursued.

Kate McCann and her husband Gerry have been officially cleared of any involvement in their daughter’s disappearance.

BELFAST TELEGRAPH: “Holmes ‘robbed of £10,000’ while on Algarve holiday”

Those dirty foreign basta…

Ulster-born telly star Eamonn Holmes has had thousands of pounds stolen in a burglary in Portugal — and he has slammed the local police investigation.

Eamonn was playing golf at the time. Chilling, indeed. Is he ok, or has he taken a knock to the head? Says Eamonn:

Like Kate and Gerry McCann, I’ve had dealings with the Portuguese police. But unlike Kate and Gerry, I was only trying to report a burglary — not the theft of my child.

“One of the things obvious to anyone dealing with the police on the Algarve is the sorry fact that no matter what you have lost, there simply isn’t enough of them to begin tracking it down.

“That may be one of the worst twists of fate in what happened to Madeleine — that tragically, she went missing in the wrong place.”

If only they’d been playing golf…

THE SUN: “Kate ‘fell silent’ in police quiz”

KATE McCann refused to answer 48 questions when probed by Portuguese cops over her missing daughter Madeleine, it was revealed yesterday.

Kate McCann was interviewed by Portuguese police on September 7 2007.

Cops also asked whether she gave the children medication and if it was true that she sometimes despaired of their behaviour and had considered handing custody of Maddie to a relative.

Why should the Sun mention this one question from 48?

Says McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell: “Kate was well within her rights not to answer if she didn’t want to.”

Indeed. And since when has a police question necessitated a base in fact? Do you know what speed you answer going sir? Hello, hello, hello, what have we here, then? Why don’t you just tell the truth and it will all be over?

DAILY MAIL: “Madeleine dossier will finally be made public after Portuguese secrecy laws are lifted”

The contents of the Madeleine McCann case files will be unlocked today, ending 15 months of leaks, smears and innuendo. (See above.)

The couple have several teams of detectives on standby ready to travel across the world to check any potential leads.

Ready, steady…

Demand to see the case file has been so great that court officials have scanned the pages into a computer and compiled them on DVDs.

And handed them to the HMCR for safe keeping…

NEWS & EVENTS (Blog) “Madeleine McCann Wristband Sold On Ebay? Was sold on ebay for £72.63”

Brace yourselves…

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