Anorak News | Jenna Jameson Advocates Safe Sex With Peta’s Pets

Jenna Jameson Advocates Safe Sex With Peta’s Pets

by | 9th, August 2008

ASKS the human flesh lovers at Peta: “Ever wondered what it’d be like to roll around in Jenna Jameson’s bed sheets?”

Jenna Jameson is an aged porn star. One imagines her sheets to be covered in a heavy film of skin dye, lubicant, bodily fluids, hair spray, curry sauce, chemically aroused males and regret.

Peta thinks this is just great and is offering its acolytes the chance to own Jameson’s sheets. Says Jenna:

Until dogs and cats can go on the pill or wear condoms, we need to help them practice safe sex—by spaying and neutering. Millions of homeless animals are turned in to shelters every year because there simply aren’t enough good homes for them all. The answer is as easy as ABC: Animal Birth Control, which means get your Fido of Fluffy fixed!

She said fluffy, not fluffer. Peta has not moved into animal porn, yet…

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