Anorak News | Germans Ban Kinder Eggs For Paedos

Germans Ban Kinder Eggs For Paedos

by | 10th, August 2008

NEWS reaches Anorak that German lawmakers want to ban Kinder surprise eggs.

“Children cannot tell the difference between a toy and food,” the Welt newspaper cites Miriam Gruss from the commission as saying.

This is a sure sign on how stupid German children now are, especially the fat ones like Augustus Gloop. The time is ripe for an invasion. But there is more:

Says a spokeswoman for Ferrero, who make the device: “There is absolutely no evidence that there is an increased danger from the combination of food and toys.”

Oh no. Anorak hears that anti-paedo campaigners have long believed the combination of pocket-sized chocolate and toy a clear and present danger.

These egg-shaped lures should be banned before it is too late. We must act now!

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