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BBC Cover Obama In 472 Person Conference Call

by | 11th, August 2008

GORDON Bown is on holiday dressed in a hair shirt and Comfi-Slax, promenading with his good lady wife for five minutes and fifteen seconds of air of the most bracing sort. But the BBC won’t show you that. Because:

It was the mother of all conference calls. No fewer than 472 BBC staff were hanging on the telephone 10 days ago to discuss its coverage of the upcoming US party conventions. Yet more ammunition for those who say the BBC has lavished too much attention on the US elections already.

So many staff sharing one phone call is shaming. Guido Fawkes pulls on his Daily Mail hat and says this occurs: “Because there is no serious budget control, no profit motive and unlimited access to funds courtesy of a feudal taxation system to the benefit of the broadcasting barons.”

Or it might be because there are budget controls and 472 staff on one call is cheaper than enabling them to meet in a venue, the staff are cheap and, yes, the BBC is a junket…

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