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Barack Obama And Ticket Touts In The White House

by | 21st, August 2008

ON August 29, Barack Obama will formerly accept the Democrat Party’s nomination for the US Presidency.
You can be there to see it. You can be part of history.

All you need is to buy a bar of chocolate and get a golden ticket, or else be handed one of the free tickets. So many people want one, Obama’s got a waiting list.

Start making your calls immediately,” said Federico Peña, a co-chairman of the Obama campaign, adding that the tickets would be awarded first-come-first-served. The application process ends Tuesday, when selections for the so-called “community credentials” are to begin. Daughtry said applicants would be called and screened to ensure the person actually had serious plans to attend.

How you screen a person applying for a free ticket to ensure they attend is not explained. But if they do get a ticket and don’t go, then that would be a terrible waste. Or they could sell it on the black market for a profit.

Just like Team Obama:

One source directed CBS4 to an unpublicized part of the Obama campaign’s Web site where Democratic supporters, reportedly with deep pockets, could buy tickets for $1,000 each. The source told CBS4 he was solicited three times to buy the tickets through the Web site.

It’s a big deal to some:

This massive attempt to cash in on his acceptance speech not only goes against everything he supposedly represented in the primaries, it stems from that singular betrayal on reform in June. Without that, he wouldn’t need the cash, and Obama could have appeared to be an agent of change. Instead, he now looks like someone who’s going after every last bit of cash he can find, and from anyone willing to cough it up. Obama has become the Sell-out In Chief in 60 short days.

Yes, Americans are complaining that Obama is a capitalist who will offer tickets to an event for – get this – cash. Tsk! The one errors seems to be that on the official website states:

Community Credentials are free. There is no charge and you do not have to donate to Obama For America or the Democratic Party in order to receive a Community Credential.

Of course, no-one has to buy a ticket. But you can. It’s just poor phrasing.

And isn’t choice what America and capitalism is all about?

Plus ca change, as they say in the rest of the world…

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