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Pensioners And Under Youth In UK Breeding Programme

by | 22nd, August 2008

GIVEN the level of paedo panic and Gary Glitter’s return, the Telegraph’s front-page picture of an older adult hand holding that of a child sends a shiver of revulsion in reader’s spine.

We examine the bigger hand for signs of stardust, Glitter, if you will, and wonder if anyone out there can identify the claw?

New is that, according to the Office for National Statistics, pensioners now outnumber under 16s.

The Guardian reports:

The number of people of state pensionable age – over 65 for men and over 60 for women – rose by 1.9% last year to 11.58 million. They account for 19% of the population, overtaking the 11.5 million children under the age of 16.

Thanks to a combination of better medicines, increased knife crime and the pickling properties of gin, the over-80s as the fastest growing age group.

It’s clear that what’s needed lest the population becomes more top heavy than a Jordan look-alike contest, is a breeding programme that harnesses the old’s staying power and sheer weight of numbers.

Controversial, we know, but something must be done. If they create more Britons, then all to the good. If they die trying, then we and the Treasury should never forget…

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