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Gary Glitter Walks The Land

by | 22nd, August 2008

GARY GLITTER’S coming. Gary Glitter’s gonna get you.

“WARNING,” screams the Mirror from its front page, words writ in large red letter. “This vile man lands back in Britain today.”

They say he wear huge platform heels that mean he can peer in upstairs windows with no need to jump.
Shut the windows. Lock the doors. If cornered, call him “leader”, he likes it.

But it might be too late. “Glitter flies in,” announces the Mail’s cover. “Glitter’s back in the UK,” says the Sun.

They say his hair is the height of two means and that that he repeats the mantra “I Love You Love Me Love” in the throes of his vileness.

Glitter is upon us. Glitter is among us. Are you Gary Glitter? Are you?

And fear spreads across the land…

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