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Jade Goody: My Cancer, Lorraine Kelly And The Sun’s Campaign

by | 23rd, August 2008

IT’S Jade Goody ‘The Hoody’.

She’s on the Sun’s cover. Her face is mess of tears. Says the headline: “DOCTORS SAID I’D BE DEAD IN 3 MONTHS.”

Some people can be so unforgiving, especially doctors. Granted, at the apogee of her notoriety, death threats against the Goody person were common but now she has cancer, can we lay off her?

Sun columnist Lorraine Kelly wonders: “When did a cancer diagnosis become fit for TV viewing?”

And one may add: why did no-one tell her so that GMTV, the show she also works on, could get the scoop?

Says Kelly: “We are talking about a human being here, not a cartoon character or a cash cow.”

Indeed, it as the Sun newspaper’s editorial that told us Goody’s previous image was “a meticulously manufactured lie“. She’s no loveable cartoon.

And it was Kelly who hoped Goody would “now disappear into obscurity”. She opined: There really has to be an end to the celebration of stupidity and ignorance.”

So here’s Kelly writing about Jade. And here’s the Sun leading with Jade:

Big Brother’s Jade, 27, broke down and wept uncontrollably as she admitted: “I’m fighting for my life.”


“I can’t face telling my boys because they are so young. They think mummy has a tummy ache.”

So let’s go easy on “brave” Jade Goody (see the tears and the interviews). Let’s allow her to heel in private.

As Kelly says:

It is also worth remembering that next month a vaccine will be made available to every 12 and 13-year-old girl that will help protect them against cervical cancer. I am sure Jade would be among the first to urge every parent to ensure that they protect their daughters.

You can bet on it…

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