Anorak News | Andrew Sullivan Says Bristol Palin Has Two Wombs

Andrew Sullivan Says Bristol Palin Has Two Wombs

by | 2nd, September 2008

ANDREW Sullivan wants proff that Sarah Palin is Trig’s mum, and not Bristol Palin. Bristol is five months pregnant. Trig is four months old. They say Bristol Palin has two wombs:

What harm would it do to release the medical records showing that Sarah Palin delivered Trig on April 18 in Wasilla? This is not hard: there must be an obstetrician, medical records, and data that can easily refute this rumor. It is not out of the ordinary either: candidates routinely issue medical records. So let’s have them …

Why not kill this rumor with Palin’s medical records? A 43 year old woman’s pregnancy with a Downs Syndrome child would have been intensely monitored, and the records must be a mile long. Just release them, ok?

File under: “what a complete twat…”

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