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Cricketer Carpets Chichester Over It’s Bin Policy

by | 3rd, September 2008

THE news in the Tabloid Telegraph is grim and it is dirty:

Council refuses to clean up spilt bin without staff qualified to wear wellies

Egads! Know that:

A council allegedly refused to clean up a dustbin that fell into a four inch stream because no-one “qualified” to wear wellington boots was available. An official from Chichester District Council also allegedly said that ropes and harnesses would be needed to prevent workers from being washed away.

Yeah, Chichester.

The plaintiff calls it “bureaucracy gone mad”.

Cllr Barnard, 60, a carpets retailer and chairman of the Harting village cricket club, said he had received 12 complaints about the mess.

A cricketer and a carpeteer. A man of the very best cut, says the Telegraph.

And his lament that 12 people (the same number it took to see off the Australians at Trent Bridge) took the time to phone the council and complain that someone hadn’t removed a bag of rubbish from a four-inch deep stream.

“I spoke to someone from the department dealing with fly-tipping and he said – and I quote – ‘We don’t have anyone qualified to wear wellington boots’. I said: ‘But it’s only four inches deep’. Then he said that the problem was that they also needed harnesses and ropes to stop them getting washed away.”

What the blue balzes has this country come to when No-One – NO-ONE – in a uniform will come to help and resolve the issue?!

According to Cllr Barnard, the council informed him that it would take at least a week before the local authority could clean up the mess. “It’s bureaucracy gone mad,” Cllor Barnard added.

It is. Madness…

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