Anorak News | Sarah Palin Watch: Paul Routledge Pervs, Jon Gaunt’s Wimmin And Fergus Shanahan Gets Princess Anne

Sarah Palin Watch: Paul Routledge Pervs, Jon Gaunt’s Wimmin And Fergus Shanahan Gets Princess Anne

by | 5th, September 2008

SARAH Palin Watch: Anorak’s look at Sarah Palin in the news…

What the tabloid columnists are saying about Sarah Palin

FERGUS SHANAHAN (The Sun): “Why, why, why can’t WE have Sarah Palin.”

Palin wants to be vice president. The UK is not a Republic. But if you want a revolution, you might get a Palin. Instead, you’ll have to make do with huntin’, shootin’, fur wearin’, sportin’ right-wing Princess Anne…

JON GAUNT: “Yanks should give thanks for Sarah”

DON’T you wish we had politicians like American Republican Sarah Palin instead of the identikit, spineless amoebas that infest Westminster?

You means women with guns? Yeah. Bring. It. On…

She’s a real gutsy, good-looking woman who is truly the epitome of the feminist dream.

Or, erm, not Jon Guant. Or not… What about Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s fiance?

As for her daughter’s 18-year-old boyfriend writing stupid comments on his website, which one if us wasn’t guilty of being stupid when we were teenagers?

Or in our middle years, Jon Gaunt… What was it about those feminists you like, Jon Gaunt?

A NEW report says that a concrete ceiling is stopping women getting top jobs in Britain.
What a pity they didn’t pour the concrete before Jacqui Spliff, Harriet Harman, Esther Rantzen, Hazel Blears and all the wimmin that run the Beeb got up on the roof.

Yea, wimmin, Jon Gaunt…

PAUL ROUTLEDGE (Daily Mirror): “Hurrcane Sarah has…

… arrived early, in the shape of John McCain’s US vice-presidential running mate. Gun-toting, huntin’ ‘n’ shootin’ Christian fundamentalist Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, bidding to become the first woman in the White House, scares me stiff. She’s only been abroad once and thinks the war in Iraq is “God’s work”.

Scary woman. Pervy man:

I couldn’t understand why she named her teenage daughter Bristol – until I saw this photograph and it all became clear.

Sarah Palin – A woman on top…

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