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Mail Readers Respond To Ivan Lewis’s Apology

by | 7th, September 2008

IVAN Lewis is the 41-year-old Health Minister apologising for sending loads of text messages to 24-year-old Susie Mason, an assistant who worked in his private office in Whitehall.

Yeah, that Ivan Lewis, the one who teaches us to hate ourselves.

The Mail illustrates the images with shot of Ms Mason dressed in jeans and cut-away top. The image is removed from her Facebook profile – Facebook: the sensation-seeking hack’s first port of call.

The story is a bit of a non-event for all but Mr Lewis, estranged from his wife, and the blameless Miss Mason, now working elsewhere.

But the Mail’s readers are outraged. Very soon the Mail will just write headlines and get its readers to write the news:

He has said sorry. So he can keep his gold plated pension and all is forgiven. Cannot lock him up – not enough prison cells – G Brown, Manchester UK, 6/9/2008 22:21

No wonder the country is in such a dreadful state.Turn off the lights when you leave – dennis fallon, birmingham, 6/9/2008 22:23

it’s time the Prime Minister started putting bromide in his MPs tea!!!!!!!!! – Hazel Anne Larmour, Newtownards,N.Ireland, 7/9/2008 0:25

can’t even do a sex scandal properly..

how do you expect them to govern.? – lovin’ it, newlabournewbritain, 7/9/2008 5:56

Says Mr D. Mail:

The revelation is the latest blow to Gordon Brown’s attempt to mount an autumn relaunch for his beleaguered administration, and evokes echoes of the way economic distress and sexual scandal combined to bring down John Major’s Government.

More outrage to follow…

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