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International Madeleine McCann: And Eye For Denise Pipitone And Finding Rose Pizem

by | 12th, September 2008

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DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Italy’s Madeleine McCann ‘found safe and well after four years’”

Italy has it’s own Maddie. Like Isreal? Are we working throught alphabet? If so, look out Jamaica…

Urgent DNA tests are being carried out on the eight year old girl found in Greece to see if she is Denise Pipitone, who vanished in 2004. She missing from outside her grandmother’s house while playing.


News of the discovery will bring fresh hope to Gerry and Kate McCann after their daughter disappeared in Portugal last year, and for the parents of Ben Needham who vanished in 1991 from the same Greek island, Kos, where the Italian girl was found.

Like Our Maddie?

The DNA tests were ordered after Denise’s mother Piera, shown photographs of the girl found in Greece, said the “shape of the eyes was exactly that” of her daughter.

DAILY MIRROR: “DNA tests on ‘Italian Madeleine’”

Madeleine McCann has been missing since last May. A spokesman for her parents said: “If this is Denise then it will give Kate and Gerry immense strength and hope that Madeleine will be found.”

TIMES: “Missing girl Denise Pipitone ‘found begging’ after four-year search”

Greek police traced the Roma woman, 34, who was charged with abducting a minor. One police official said that the girl had the same birthmark under her left eye as Denise, and only spoke Italian. She is being kept under observation in the island’s hospital. The case is as well known in Italy as that of Madeleine McCann. Denise’s mother, Piera Maggio, has made repeated appeals on television for help in finding her.

Italians know of their own missing child as well as they do of Our Maddie?

DAILY MAIL: “Girl dubbed Italy’s Madeleine McCann ‘found alive and well’ four years after she vanished”

Denise’s mother Piera, who said the birthmark and the shape of the eyes were ‘exactly the same’ as her daughter’s. She added that there had been numerous false alarms in the past, so she would not allow herself to get her hopes up.

But the media can get your hopes up for you…

Last night the McCanns’ family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: ‘If these reports are true it is fantastic news for her family. But it would also give hope to Kate and Gerry because this is exactly the sort of situation that could prove that a child can go missing and be found safe and well.’


THE SCOTSMAN: “Remains may be missing girl”

ISRAELI divers yesterday found a suitcase containing remains police believe belong to a missing girl whose grandfather is being held on suspicion of killing her.

The discovery in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon River marked a breakthrough in the case of four-year old Rose Pizem – missing since May. Her disappearance has transfixed Israel.

HA-ARETZ (Israel): “Until the next tragedy”

Faced with a suspect with a devilish face, an exciting and unusual family story, searches in the river – the Yarkon has never before raised such interest – and a murder without a body, we absolutely wallowed in this story. Oh, how we loved hearing the sexologist talk about the couple’s therapy the two lovers received, grandfather and mother forever. How we wanted to peek further and further into the “Israeli Madeleine McCann” family, which suddenly appeared in our lives; we invaded it with a mixture of voyeurism, gossip and a pinch, just a pinch, of real concern for the missing girl’s fate. Someone will make a film about it.

GREAT YARMOUTH MERCURY: “Visit church in cyberspace”

At 900 years old, a global opening ceremony for Great Yarmouth’s magnificent parish church might seem somewhat belated…

But in cyber world virtual people called avatars are teleporting into St Nicholas’ for a zoom around the vestry or even a stroll on the roof.

For the landmark building has been transported lock stock and wonky weather cock into the 3D virtual reality world of Second Life and now ranks among hundreds of real buildings turned into cartoon locations on the booming internet enterprise where 10m people from all over the world mingle.

Second Life…

Playboy has its own bunny-shaped island and British police have posted missing Madeleine McCann posters on virtual buildings.

Have you seen Madeleine McCann?

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