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The Top Five Sarah Palin Songs

by | 12th, September 2008

THE Top Five Sarah Palin Songs:

5. The Ballad Of Sarah Palin

No.1 features Sarah Palin on backing vocals…

4. Me And Sarah Palin, by Ellie Maybe:

“She’s got pretty eyes behind those silly glasses/ She kick all your asses.”

3. I Picked A Girl, by Bam Bam KaBoosh (NSFW):

“Most didnt even know her name/ It doesnt matter/ Hates Choice and all those pesky Gays/ umm…Like Hillary But Better/ Has a Vag and Boobs/ Baby we cant lose/ We’re Going all the way.”

2. Sarah Palin Song Moose Shootin’ Blues

1. Jesus Is Sarah Palin’s Friend

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