Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Let’s Investigate Kate McCann’s Pain

Madeleine McCann: Let’s Investigate Kate McCann’s Pain

by | 15th, September 2008

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Kate McCann’s Diary extracts are published. Now read on…


In one heartbreaking entry Kate writes: “Can’t stop thinking about Madeleine, about her fear and pain. How can I go on knowing that her life could have ended like this? This week I have been quite overtaken by black thoughts. Please God, bring her back.”

Can’t stop writing about Madeleine… What says the “WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER”?

Last night experts said Kate’s emotions read like those of a bereaved mother.

Can’t pull the wool over the Express’ experts…

Chartered psychologist Dr Rick Norris said: “The diary shows she is an intelligent woman who is able to articulate her feelings on paper.”

Get a load of that spelling…

“This is a horrible situation – every parent’s worst nightmare.”

So says the expert reading from the big tabloid book of expert quotes.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann’s diary reveals anguish of losing her – The diary of Kate McCann has laid bare for the first time her inner despair at Madeleine going missing in Portugal”

Let’s take a peek at her private pain…

Or as the Tabloid Telegraph puts it:

At the height of the smear campaign against the McCanns, Portuguese investigators made extracts from the diary public, deliberately selected in a bid to portray the couple as cold and dispassionate.

You see, we’re not prying, peeping, behaving like voyeurs; we’re setting the record straight. We are investigating…


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