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Amy Winehouse Missing From Amy Winehouse Story

by | 15th, September 2008

IT’S Amy Winehouse’s 25th birthday party and all the usual faces are at London’s Jazz After Dark club, save one: Amy Winehouse is at home.

What she up to, then? Says a “pal” in the Sun:

“Amy was standing in front of the mirror telling everyone how rough she looked …She kept saying she was ugly…”

Reports of Winehouse’s drug taking are the stuff of record, and Anorak invites its resident expert, Matt The Talc, to advise us against looking down at mirror’s as they can distort the concept of yourself.

Says Matt:

“No way, man, looking down at yourself with a straw in your nose is down a long dark cave into the future.”

But the tip comes too late for Amy, and she misses her own party. And we have a birthday party without the birthday girl, and an Amy Winehouse story without Amy Winehouse…

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