Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: More Kate Fury, Juliet Stevenson Feels And Ben Affleck Returns

Madeleine McCann: More Kate Fury, Juliet Stevenson Feels And Ben Affleck Returns

by | 19th, September 2008

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DAILY MIRROR: “Kate’s fury at leaked diary story”

Such is Kate McCann’s weekly tabloid fury, it’s a wonder she has any time to do anything other then be furious.

Kate McCann was last night said to be devastated by the unauthorised publication of her diary. You mean those extracts that appeared in the News of the World, sister paper to the Sun, the Mirror’s main rival..?

Lawyers for the McCanns are thought to be demanding an apology and payout for the Find Madeleine fund. The McCanns did not comment.

A payout? Well, if her words sell newspapers, it seems fair.. Unless they are in the public interest?

DAILY MAIL: “Truly, madly, deeply disturbing: A missing child leads Juliet Stevenson to some grisly secrets in a dark new drama”
An actress… A missing child… A drama… Now, that’s entertainment.

Set in two time zones, it follows Juliet’s character, journalist Catherine Heathcote, trying to unravel the unsolved disappearance more than four decades earlier of a teenage girl, stepdaughter of the supercilious squire (Greg Wise, in fine lip-curling form) of a secluded, not to say secretive, Yorkshire village.

A murder of a young ‘un set in the past… Think you’ve read it? And..?

“I have always been haunted by the Suzy Lamplugh case, the estate agent who went missing and was never found. And what about poor little Madeleine McCann?”

Indeed. What about her?

“I just don’t know how parents cope with that lack of closure. I just know I simply couldn’t let go.”

Just like the papers, then…

MOVIES (Ireland): “Interview : Ben Affleck – Ben Affleck steps behind the camera for his big comeback ‘Gone Baby Gone‘, out on DVD from this weekend.”

It’s the entertaining story of a missing child…

It was the movie that was going to reignite his career, but then, a real life tragedy derailed Ben Affleck’s comeback. It’s got to be tough.

Poor, poor, Ben. How did he cope?

Yep, all signs pointed to a glorious comeback for the fallen hunk with the cheeky smile. And then Ben Affleck heard about the Madeline McCann kidnapping. Which, eerily, echoed the story at the centre of Gone Baby Gone.


“The Madeline McCann tragedy just hit me like a train,” says Affleck. “It’s such a terrible, terrible thing, to have something like this happen, and we naturally didn’t want to add to anyone’s pain by releasing a movie that might stir up difficult issues or bad memories. We just had to put everything on hold when it came to releasing Gone Baby Gone on this side of the water.”

Still, it’s a good fulcrum for every interview…

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