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BBC Traders Series Seeks Ethical City Boys

by | 19th, September 2008

THE City’s faulty and entirely ineffectual regulatory systems are not to blame for the money markets crash. All that singing Malteser, dried-up women and Brothers grim, Gordon Brown’s heroes.

Oh, not. It’s all those City traders and their short selling, which is not illegal. But, still, let’s ban it and then we can all sleep easy.

What we need is a new breed of trader. Death to the old.

History attests to the fact that financial crises bring out the worst in the masses, and the action taken by the FSA is nothing more than vigilante violence on a national scale. Problems in the economy? Let’s find a scapegoat. Too difficult to blame the real culprits? Let’s pick on a minority, surround their homes with flaming torches, and drive them out into the wilderness.

And in the nick of time, here’s the new BBC show. It’s call Traders. It features what TV nodding heads call “real people” – a housewife, a student and an ex-marine – trying to earn oodles of cash on a pretend trading floor.

BBC executive producer Emma Willis tells us:

“Traders is a hugely exciting project, and interest in the City is at an all-time high. This programme will offer viewers a fascinating insight into how this usually secretive world operates at an unprecedented moment in history.”


You mean the post-Big Bang City, anyone can trade shares at home?

Series producer Anthony Phillips goes long:

“We were keen on people who could do it intellectually, but not in a self-serving way.”

How very BBC. See if you can make money, but not really. Taxes take care of that. Money, well, it’s so very vulgar…

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