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Brave Jade Goody Is Sobbing

by | 21st, September 2008

“I’M IN pain but I won’t tell my boys,” says Jade Goody in the news of the World.

Better, perhaps, Jade’s little pork balls read it themselves, or learn it from one of their classmates whose mum or dad reads the NOTW.

As ever celebrity cancer-victim Jade Goody has an epithet. Having been, “Crack” Jade Goody, “BRAVE Jade Goody,” and “WEEPING Jade Goody”, she now appears as “SOBBING Jade Goody”.

Jade has enjoyed a type of fame for some years now but still the papers resist calling her “TROUBLED Jade Goody”. How she has tried to attain the ultimate qualifier, but it stubbornly remains the preserve of for A-listed like Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse.

Now “Brave Jade” is determined to shield Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, from the trauma of knowing how much their mum is suffering.

Can they read? Do they ask where mummy is?

Before going into the London’s Royal Marsden a week last Thursday after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, Jade simply told her sons: “Mummy has a bad stomach.”

One imagines that this is cover-all explainer for Jade, who very possibly had a bad stomach when she entered the Big Brother house (UK and India), when she went on her Indian pilgrimage and when she had one kebab too many…

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