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Barack Obama Can See Into The Future

by | 27th, September 2008

A VIDEO of Barack Obama talkoing about the 2002 speech he made:

Tim Blair notes:

Edited transcript:

The speech that I delivered in 2002 wasn’t just me getting up and yelling, “I’m against the war.”

It was a very clear, specific outline of what I anticipated would happen if we went into war and why we shouldn’t do it. And it stands up pretty well … [it] was based on sound judgment.

Well, at least until the surge. Obama next veers into how his childhood overseas gave him insight into tribalism, before apparently returning to the matter of his speech:

Some of it was probably also my lawyer’s training.

I watched pretty carefully the presentation made by Colin Powell at the United Nations.

As a lawyer, you’re trained to poke holes in somebody’s case … it didn’t look particularly strong to me.

Strange thing, though; Obama’s speech was delivered in October 2002, four months prior to Powell’s UN appearance.

What’s gonna happen in four months from know, Barack?

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