Anorak News | Fergus Shanahan Sees Tony Blair’s Cancer Plot

Fergus Shanahan Sees Tony Blair’s Cancer Plot

by | 7th, October 2008

FERGUS Shanahan, the Sun’s deputy editor, has today’s non-sequitur of the day. It’s stream of consciousness journalism…

Former EastEnders actress Wendy Richard is dying of cancer. Shanahan says Richard reminds him of Pat Phoenix, who played Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street, and also died of cancer.

When ill, Pat married Tony Booth, father to Cherie Booth, wife to Winston Churchill Blair.

“I wonder if he [Tony Blair] feels if three Labour governments have made enough progress on improving Britain’s dismal cancer survival rates.”

Journalists used to ask politicans questions, now they just wonder. Perhaps cancer can form part  of a soap opera storyline, and Fergus can investigate by watching..? 

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