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Royal Houses And Mansions For Immigrants

by | 8th, October 2008

DANNI “cannot believe it’s possible to get a £1.2 million mansion on state benefits.”

Danni appears on the Sun’s Page 3, responding to the front-page news, “Mother of all council houses”, the tale of the mum-of-seven, Afghan refugee who lives in a £1.2 mansion in Acton.

Readers learn that taxpayer Toorpakai Saindi’s residence causes the local council to pay her landlord £12,458 a month in rent.

Landlord Ajit Panesar says: “I can’t help it if the law says I should get paid that amount of money.”

Ms Saindi says: “I don’t know why they pay so much.”

It’s a tough one to work out, but the Sun Says column uses phrases like “gravy train”, “benefit” and “barmy” by way of clues.

As for Danni’s original poser, we can only says it is not so very odd for foreigners to be made so welcome in Blighty and not a million miles up the road in Kensington the Teutonic Princess Michael of Kent and spouse have agreed to pay commercial-rate rent for their Kensington Palace digs for the first time.

The couple will be charged £120,000 a year from 2010 to remain at the royal residence in London, where they have been living rent free since 2002. The Kents have two children.

If anything, Ms Saindi has been short changed…

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