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Haider Passes On The Left, And Dies

by | 12th, October 2008

HAIDER is dead. Anorak reader Baby Jane writes from Austria:

“The sun fell from the sky.”
“The clocks stood still.”
“The sun went down on Carinthia.”

Those were the words of Jörg Haider’s BZÖ-colleagues, yesterday morning, after his death was announced…

Afterwards I drove through the city where I live, saw people walking, talking … an ordinary Saturday morning … but something was different, and I could actually feel it, see it:

A big, dark, heavy cloud has finally been lifted.

An odious man is dead. But he always reminded Anorak more of Austria’s answer to Billy Holliday than a real politico. Those collars. He was an Austrian celeb in land free to them…

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