Anorak News | Boy Caught On Postman Pat’s Nose: Gary Glitter At Large

Boy Caught On Postman Pat’s Nose: Gary Glitter At Large

by | 13th, October 2008

TO Northampton where a child is sat on Postman Pat’s reassuring lap.

No, no, gentle reader… Granted, Gary Glitter is at large, and, yes, he has taken to disguising his high hair beneath a bald wig and his tall heels in brogues. But this is not such a tale.

Although the child is in anger.

Postman Pat has become entangled with the three-year-old boy. The lad is wedged inside the ride at the Focus DIY store in Carina Road, Kettering.

Firefighters are called. Fireman Sam retrieves his tools cuts off the roof of the ride. He then chops off Postman Pat’s nose.

It’s is sad day in toy town. And a pointer to the danger of non-conformist children’s celebrity.

From now on Pat will sport a button nose, in keeping with his status and health and safety…

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