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Misogyny Or Racism: The World Awaits America’s Decision

by | 14th, October 2008

SARAH Palin is a c***. Well, the T-shirt never lies. And Barack Obama is an Arab jihadi. Well, the placard never lies.

Rachel Lucas observes:

The left would never engage in hateful bullshit, ever. Malkin has the proof. Really, follow that link and behold the left’s reasonable, enlightened, and nuanced nuance of quantum-level nuance.

And then there’s this from Ace of Spades, a screen shot from Barack Obama’s very own web site (which has now been changed, of course):


Jim Treacher has more on that ever-so-politically-enlightened t-shirt. Cuh-lassy.

Anorak has more, too.

Here we go folks, the frustration of the right wing is in full flower. This one has manifested itself specifically as a defense of the hatemongering McCain/Palin crowds, excusing the behavior as equal somehow to anti-Bush or anti-Palin rhetoric out there. Judge for yourself, from “The Libertarian Conservative,” who posted “Enough!” with this image:

The Fucking Solution” and “Asphyxiation: a breathless experience.

But no worries, because the Left can see the Right.

Andrew Sullivan sees this and notes:

Palin-McCain supporters hold signs suggesting a moral equivalence between the Democratic nominee for president and the Islamist terrorist responsible for murdering thousands of innocents on September 11, 2001. This was at a Palin-McCain rally in Virginia Beach this morning. This is what it means to be a Republican today.

Misogyny or racism?

America ia facing a tough choice. Which way it goes will dictate how we view women and ethnic minorities for at least four years…

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