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GMTV In Prince Andrew Suicide Bomb Horror

by | 16th, October 2008

TANIA Bryer is a suicide bomber.

After leaving the GMTV weather panel, she has appeared in numerous photospreads with her wonderful husband and gorgeous/talented/blonder-than-yours children; and appeared in photospreads without her wonderful ex-husband and beautiful/stunning/creative children.

Following that lot is no easy thing, and the fear is the she has seen the coverage suicide bombers get and thought, “Yes, I’ll have some of that.”

To a road leading to Windsor Castle, then, as Tania attracts the attention of an armed copper, who fears she is a suicide bomber.

Her chauffeured car is doing a fair trot. The armed response unit is triggered. The car is stopped. Guns are primed.

Tania says she is running late for dinner with Prince Andrew. The Sun describes her as “red faced”, which seems unnecessarily cruel.

The action ends before it has ever truly begun. Tania goes for a meal with Andrew. Tanis gets in the papers. Tania contemplates skipping that facial and letting any depilated hair she may have grow…

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