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No Penny For The Guy: British Press Declare War On Madonna

by | 17th, October 2008

MADONNA and Guy Ritchie are putting the tin lid on their celebrity love affair by ending it in the text book fashion: they are divorcing.

The Mirror seems unable and unwilling to believe money will not be a factor and mess up the divorce, telling readers of Madonna’s £300million fortune and Guy’s chance to grab £50million of it.

SHE CAN HAVE IT ALL,” says the paper’s headline. “Guy snubs Madonna are his only concern.”

The inference is that Madonna’s cash is not good enough for our Guy. He has not declined Madonna’s money, which might not even have been offered – he has snubbed it.

Anorak detects the whiff of nationalism in this story. If money is not to make it nasty, then let’s make it a fight between British sense of fair play and American brashness.

Madge is on stage in Boston. Says she:

“This song is for the emotionally retarded, she coos. Maybe you know some people who fall into that category. God knows I do.”

And here’s Guy’s mum, Lady Amber Leighton, to tell us:

“I know who Guy is and it didn’t take much to see who she is, and it couldn’t work.”

English tea and spite beats American coke and confrontation hands down.

While the Mirror then continues to maintain the falsehood that it broke the story of their divorce four months ago, the Sun hears Madonna say that Guy is “typical of emotionally-stunted British men”.

These would be the same British men who spend the weekends singing songs in public about Victoria Beckham’s backside, crying on the X Factor or beating seven shades of the brown stuff out of another emotional cripple in the pub. If only we could emote.

Says a “pal”:

“Madonna’s convinced British men are light years behind Americans when it comes to emotional honesty and sophistication.”

No-one who has seen Mr Madonna I, the American Sean Penn shooting people in the face can argue with that.

The dye is cast, and Britain is on the side of Guy. This is war:

£50-year-ols single mum with NSOH (no sense of humour) WLTM subservient guy for fun nights in studying Kabbalah. Must enjoy conical breasts, yoga, and working out for seven hours at a time. No hunters or English country gent types please.”

Only Americans need apply…

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How much of Madonna’s money should Guy Ritchie get?

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