Anorak News | Barack Obama Is The Greatest US Athlete Ever

Barack Obama Is The Greatest US Athlete Ever

by | 20th, October 2008

THE French love Le Barack Obama. The French love a left-wing, dark-skinned man who is known to Muslims. Yeah, they really do.

As Tim Blair reports, “the latest edition of French sports magazine Sport examines US athletes and sport in America generally”…

And the athlete they put on the cover of a sports magazine is…

As The Croydonian notes:

An odd lot our Gallic chums. They voted 53/47 for Sarkozy in 2007, suggesting that right wingery (of sorts) is not altogether dead there, but asked who they want as PoTUS, they divide 68% Obama and *5*% for McCain, not much more than half the 9% for ‘neither’. 18% didn’t know, poor creatures. Twenty per cent reckon McCain would be a good president to the 72% who reckon Obama would be.

Plus ca change:

Political analyst Gerard Grunberg of Sciences-Po University in Paris wonders if he will be able to fulfil the promises made during the election campaign.

“He’s a very good politician on TV – part of a new generation of media leaders, like Tony Blair was 10 years ago,” he says. “He was able to convince the French that he incarnated movement and change. At the same time, he promised he would protect people, so they felt secure.

“The French people are contradictory about that – we don’t want change because we are really frightened by the future. But another part of us acknowledges that maybe we will have to change.”

Change. Or change, as the French call it…

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