Anorak News | Madonna Dresses Kids Like A Rod And Guy’s Christmas Star

Madonna Dresses Kids Like A Rod And Guy’s Christmas Star

by | 22nd, October 2008

DAY whatever in the divorce of Madonna (Vadge) and Guy Ritchie (Bitchie).

With no word from either party, the tabloids pick up on sign language.

Says the Sun:

“Defiant Madonna takes another swipe at hubby Guy Ritchie – by dressing their son in a New York Yankees T-shirt.”

Is Bitchie a Dodgers fan? Dunno. The story hinges on the fact that Madonna’s friend, one Alex Rodriguez, wears the Yankees kit in a professional capacity.

The Sun assures us that “Guy will be angry to see her parading their son in the hunk’s team colours”. In the league table of replica kits don’t dos:

1. Anyone over aged 10 with their own name on the back
2. Spurs kits after September
3. A British boy in the panoply of America’s protectionist sports
4. Rugby tops on thin men

So this is how it will be from now on, the couple communicating their moods and feeling via their children’s clothes.

The Sun’s Jane Moore gives a clue to what we can expect by labelling Madonna a “humourless American” and Bitchie a “cynical old Brit.”

Right now Guy is shopping for conical shaped bras and surgical support stockings.

Over in the Mirror, Bitchie wants to give his children a traditional British Christmas. And things are looking promising, because he’s rowing with his wife. (Hey, Guy, we can be cynical too, call us.)

The Mirror says Vadge is not keen on Christmas, what with her having to compete with Jesus for all that attention, and the tree not being big enough for two stars…

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