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Carbon Cuddling The Human Virus: The Climate Change Delusion

by | 25th, October 2008

AFTER climate change delusion, and bi-polarism, comes Carbon Cuddling:

Psychiatrists in America have identified a new mental illness that threatens the very fabric of society: an obsession with saving the planet. Some people are so addicted to cutting their carbon emissions that they seem to have gone quite mad.

It’s the sun that drives them crayzee..

Take, for example, Sharon Astyk, who makes her four children sleep in a huddle so she doesn’t have to turn on the heating (if she was that concerned about the planet, perhaps she could have stopped reproducing after baby number two).

Or steralise herself? Or get her little Climate Kops to , you know, render her carbon neutral, permanently…

Climate Change Delusion, It Ends At 2012 And Brown’s Plan


Or Jay Matsueda, who waters his lawn with his own urine so that he doesn’t have to flush the loo; he says that it was his ex-girlfriend’s choice of gas-guzzling car, rather than his habit of weeing on the grass, that led to the break-down of their relationship.

He can scorch “Ken was Right” into the grass…

The Human Virus: They Who Would Save Us All Through Sterilisation

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