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All Aboard Probably The World’s Best Atheist Crowdsourcing Bus

by | 25th, October 2008

THE atheist bus will be here in…

Well, take a seat and wait. Your driver today is Godot, from Poland:

The campaign to raise money for atheist advertisements on London buses has had me enthralled this week. Not because I’m an atheist, though as it happens I am, but because it’s a fascinating example of crowdsourcing.

So says Shane Richmond. And di you knwo whay the advert says “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD – STOP WORRYING AND ENOY LIFE”?

It’s all to do with advertising standards. You can deny God, but the Advertising Standards Authourity are very real, and very terrible. Fact! Probably.

Image: Beau Bo D’Or

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