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Madeleine McCann: Here’s A Question For You

by | 29th, October 2008

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OF ALL the questions asked of Kate and Gerry McCann, official and unofficial, wise or wantonly cruel, since the disappearance of their four-year-old daughter, one is never likely to be answered.

Is it, what happened to Madeleine McCann?

It is not one of the obvious questions.

So not one of the 100 Questions… Is it, what didn’t happen to Madeleine McCann?

It features in none of the many inquiries, spurious or otherwise, made by journalism and the law. It has nothing to do with the how, what, when or why. It is more baffling even than these mysteries.

Is it, what would Madeleine McCann do if she were manager of Spurs?

Better for an atheist to ask, perhaps, than anyone: how have this plainly devout couple managed to retain their faith?

No-one has asked that question? Never? Sure? “Why has God allowed this to happen? Ask parents of Madeleine McCann” – Joanna Sugden, Aug 13, 2007, The Times

But let’s not ask the questions; let’s let Ian Bell asks the questions:

If God was around when Madeleine was taken, most would question his motives. If a Christian spirit animated any of the hundreds of media who reported and commented upon the case, how was it manifested?

That’s an ecumenical matter…

The fact remains that there is only one fact: the child is missing still.

Yes. One fact. There was only ever one fact.

Still there are those who will tell you that Kate McCann is no sort of mother, that there is something “not right” about Gerry McCann’s stoicism. The need to believe that the child will be found was long ago replaced, in some parts of God’s creation, by the need to believe the worst of her parents.

Yeah, those. Not like Ian Bell who merely repeats what those are saying.

A paradox is created. Now we talk about the fact that some people go on talking when there is nothing to talk about.

Go on, Mr Bell. Do go on…

Why does the McCann case still return to the headlines?

Because you wrote a story about it and the subs rejected the chance to title it “Musings Of A Sandboy”…

Somehow, the McCanns represent the perfect moral storm. If you trust what you believe, some people will never believe them, even if the truth is beyond doubt or question.

What’s it got to do with Donald Rumsfeld, Ian?

And does anyone think they don’t already know that?

Hard to know…

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