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John MaCain Was Born In Milwaukee

by | 29th, October 2008

JOHN MaCain Was Born In Milwaukee. Fact.

It’s as much of a fact as the other fact that John McCain says he would hate to live in Milwaukee.

Here‘s the Washington Post article in which McCain turned his back on his home town. He’s at a Diamondbacks-Padres game with the journalist Mark Leibovich:

McCain spent 51/2 years as a POW and is now sitting at a ballgame, spooning Heath bar ice cream into his mouth and belly-laughing at his joke. If any demons linger, they are perfectly hidden.

The Diamondbacks score four runs in the third inning. Outfielder Luis Gonzalez waves to McCain from the on-deck circle. “You see that, Luis-Luis waved to me,” McCain says.

Between pitches, the following tidbits of McCainiana are gleaned:

• He would hate to live in Milwaukee.

• He has been unimpressed with Kerry’s recent performances: “Kerry’s gotta stop nuancing everything.”

• John Edwards would have been a tougher nominee to beat.

“This is your pitch, Richie, c’mon, c’mon,” McCain yells at Diamondbacks slugger Richie Sexson. Sexson is facing San Diego’s Jason Szuminski, a rookie pitcher who attended MIT.

“NASA, here we come,” McCain says after Sexson hits a towering home run. Szuminski leaves the mound after giving up five runs.

“That’s why we don’t have more pitchers from MIT,” McCain says, speaking loudly enough for fans nearby to hear. He is showing a version of himself unseen to this point, but one which suits him: senator as heckler.

And that’s it. Fact.

Barack Obama says he would like to live in the hearts of all Milwaukeeans…


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