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Russell Brand Made Director General At BBC: New Schedules

by | 30th, October 2008

THE Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand podcast is now the most downloaded multimedia item on the BBC’s website.

Now other BBC shows play catch-up in the race for viewing figures:

Bluer Peter: No need to send grandma from the room as the entire family get together and use an old washing up bottle, some double-sided sticky tape and coloured pens to make a huge phallus for the family pet

Little Dorrit: Arthur wangles an incitation to stay with the Meagles family and table ends cage dancer Amy as Flora Ross Finching giggles incessantly

Silent Witness, aka Silent Phone Call: A man presses play on his answer phone machine. Nothing is heard. He sees the broken window. A hamster looks up. The man hangs himself. Laughter.

Doctors: Dr Lily Hassan a treats man who has caught his penis in a swing. A new Spanish doctor arrives and in a tragic misunderstanding gets his penis caught in a hamster’s mouth

You’ve Been Framed: Viewers send in mobile phone footage of themselves masturbating on the bus, in the park and in the furniture department of well-known high-street stores

Weakest Link:

Anne Robinson: “In telly, how much is Jonathan Ross paid?”

Contestant: “C***!”

Newsnight: Jeremy Paxman plays excerpts of Russell Brand’s radio show and asks Peter Mandelson if he enjoyed it for a rigorous no-nonsense 15 minutes without reply

Question Time: Live from Washington, Elizabeth Edwards and Simon Schama hear from Repubalicans in Des Moins upset by Russell Brand and discover that while 46% of the audience want to kill him, 54% think he can be saved by Jesus.

The Graham Norton Show: Dicks, internet porn and smut.

Close Down…

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