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Boris Johnson Plays Up And Plays The Video Game

by | 2nd, November 2008

BORIS Johnson on computer games:

“The writing is on the wall – computer games rot the brain” – it’s time to “garotte the Game Boy and paralyse the PlayStation…

“Summon up all your strength, all your courage. Steel yourself for the screams and yank out that plug. And if they still kick up a fuss, then get out the sledgehammer and strike a blow for literacy” – Boris Johnson MP, 2006

Hammers up. Oops!

I’m delighted that the London Games Festival is back in our city for its third year.

“It demonstrates the creativity and range of the gaming industry, which, as an important part of London’s creative sector, makes a vital contribution to the economy as a whole. With events across the capital, the festival has something for everyone and illustrates the popularity of this thriving form of entertainment.

“I am pleased to see EA’s Be the One event is returning to Trafalgar Square. It was an undoubted highlight of last year’s festival, which reinforces London’s position at the centre of one the most fastest-growing creative industries in the world.” – Boris Johnson, London Mayor, 2008


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