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Prince Charles Flies In the Face Of Global Warming

by | 4th, November 2008

HAVING made his way on foot (taking care to hold his breath every third step to keep carbon emissions down) the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, is arrived in Indonesia.

His mission: to promote his Rainforest Project.

As Charles says in barely whisper (see above for reasons) we are immersed in “a battle for our very survival”.

The Sun claims the “exclusive”, but Anorak is also there, having arrived by plane, Aston Martin and private train, and we now transcribe the goings on.

Charles: “Hello clouds, hello sky”
Hullo Charles…

Charles: “Now is the time for the whole world to come together as one to find a solution”
Obama! Obama! Obama!

Charles: We have just proved we can do it to tackle the global financial crisis, as any fule kno.

The UK’s manufacturing sector shrunk for the sixth month in a row in October

None of us can claim to know with total certainty how severe the coming economic downturn will be. Most of us are pretty sure we’re in a recession, but we don’t whether it will be short and sharp, or short and shallow, or long and shallow, or long and deep.

Charles: “There is enormous weight of concern and opinion throughout the world and particularly, for instance, among Sun readers.”

Get yer tits out for the lads. Get yer tits out, get yer tits out……

Charles: “Today carbon dioxide levels are at their highest for 800,000 years”
Trees have never had it so good…
Charles will now take questions from any plants in the room… Yes, you Arthurus Edwardsium…

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