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Barack Broadcasting Community Wins US Election

by | 5th, November 2008

IT took an Army of supporters to get Barack Obama elected.

There are 175 BBC staff in America. But they did their bit and now Obama is President.

On BBC Breakfast, Sian Williams is talking to Bill Turnbull via a satellite link up. Most often they are sat next to each other on a beige sofa in West London.

But to fully realise the global impact of Obama’s election, Turbull is sat in front of picture of the White House on the other side of The Pond.

Williams is beaming. Turnbull is beaming. They discuss what next for Sarah Palin. Turnbull smirks. Williams giggles.

Time to interrupt the video call with a few words from actual Americans:


“I voted Obama”

“I’m really, really happy”

Turnbull feels a “shiver down the spine”.

Turnbull then uses the power of technology to introduce your local news. and then itsback to the US for a chat with Justin Webb.

And so the BBC talks to the BBC and Bill is off for a chilli dog with fries. “I know you;ve really enjoyed yourself over ther.,” says Williams.

Turnbull: “A shiver went down the spine.”

On the plus side, now their man is in power, the grinning will soon stop…

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