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Barack Obama Watch: Media Pride In Not Noticing Obama’s Non-Whiteness

by | 7th, November 2008

NOW we are moved on from racial politics, each of us – Muslim fundamentalist, white supremacist, Black Shiite, Panther, Tutsi, Boar and so on – living in a post-racial society, the media can say whatever it likes about Barack Obama and we will know the reporters and nodding heads are not exploiting his blackness, nor his non-blackness but just sticking to the essence of the man, whatever that may be.

The Sun brings news of “Black Dr Who”, and we know that it is not referring to Colin Salmon’s skin tones but his mood, which is dark and foreboding, like Othello and his talking metal dog made accessible for a teenaged audience.

In the Times there is talk of a black Pope, other wise known as a Benedictine, or Black Friar.

“YO-BAMA!” says the Mail. Obama is holding a mobile phone (we have no reason to believe he stole it more than Bush stole the bicycle he tumbled from) and a wad of paper.

Obama is the “President of cool,” says the Mirror. You can trust him. You have no reason to fear him. The three pale-skinned men armed to the teeth and looking on through dark glasses are not here to protect us and our wallets from Obama but Obama from us.

Of course, if he should mug an old lady or jump a blonde women, then they are as ready to act as they would be if George Bush chocked on a pretzel.

So Obama looks good. He has what Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian PM calls a “NICE TAN”. As Silvio says, Obama is “young, handsome and tanned”, like any other suave Harvard graduate.

Most papers call this a gaffe, but the mistake it theirs. They need to get with the programme.

Obama is tanned, just a he is not tanned, just as he is white, just as he is black. Obama is all things and no things.

And anyone who can’t see that is living like it was the dark days of November 4th…

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