Anorak News | Austrian Pundit Emmerich Calls Obama An Uncivilised Black

Austrian Pundit Emmerich Calls Obama An Uncivilised Black

by | 7th, November 2008

BARACK Obama Watch: Obama is black-ish. America is reinvented. And in Austria Klaus Emmerich, the retired editor-in-chief of Austrian broadcaster ORF’s news and current affairs service, an expert on U.S. affairs says:

“I do not want the western world being directed by a black man. And if you say this is a racist remark, I say you are damn right it is.”

That’s one in the eye for the bigots who say the media is controlled by Jews. It’s not. It’s the Austrians who hold sway. Austrians own everything.

Emmerich says Obama is “a highly disturbing development” because “blacks are not as far advanced in the civilisation process nor in their political progress.”

Emmerich is an Austria, a native of a land called Austria. When the Large Hadron Collider swallows up Switzerland, Austria will be the “New Switzerland“. It has dreams. It understands the political process.

Fact File

  • Austrians are unable to leave Austria thanks to a circle of mountains that keeps them in and outsiders out. Only Germans and the Swiss know the password, and they are sworn to secrecy.
  • There are dragons in Austria, the clothes are made of felt and the pereniums of sacrified gypsy chidlren.
  • In Austria if you scream , no-one can hear you.
  • In Austria everyone blames the Jews for everything that goes wrong. For such reasons the country boasts a 100% crime clean up rate.
  • Austria is twinned with the Daily Mail, for which it is always 1939…
  • There will be no Austrian Obama. Zer vill be nein Obama!!!
  • Austrians hate magicians

Mr Emmerich remains in his job, even though many Austrian find his comments to be woolly, liberal and alamingly pro-black…

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