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The Bali Bombers Are Dead

by | 8th, November 2008

THE Bali Bombers are no more. Killed by the State. Executed.

Executed Bali nightclub bombers Ali Ghufron, 48, alias Mukhlas his brother Amrozi Nurhasyim, 47, and right Imam Samudera – alias Abdul Aziz – the ringleader, 47, seeing the funny side of it while talking to journalists in jail last week – SMH

They murdered 202 people. Their executions will have serious repercussions in Indonesia (the largest Muslim country) at the very least.

They may be further bombings etc. and it is a test for the Indonesian government. My forecast is the further executions of the Bali-Nine Australian heroin smugglers is likely to follow in very quick time to sooth the collective angst of the area.
I have signed the obit and I am happy for that to stand – AGW

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