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Madeleine McCann: Metodo 3, Using The Media And Allegations

by | 15th, November 2008
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A reader in Portugal writes to Anorak of the Madeleine McCann case. There are no suspects. We do not know what crime, if any, has been committed. The parents are innocent. Robert Murat is innocent.

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“Maddie: private detectives received aid from a “mole” inside the PJ – SOS Maddie.”

Spanish private detective reveals how the McCanns gained access to confidential police information within the Maddie case

Can this be true? Duarte Levy writes:

According to one of the private detectives that were hired by Metodo 3 within their contract with Kate and Gerry McCann, an inspector from the Polícia Judiciária transmitted confidential information regarding the movements of the Portuguese investigators and of their British colleagues within the inquiry into Maddie’s disappearance to the Spanish agency.

So leaks from the Portuguese police might not have been all bad?

The information that was thus obtained has allowed for the private detectives to inform the McCann couple and their entourage about the diligences that were prepared by the Portuguese investigators:

“Several initiatives by Amaral’s men failed due to the information that was given away by their colleague… but there was also information coming from informants that were connected to the British embassy”, the detective states.

“That was information that allowed us to know in advance what inspector Amaral and his colleagues intended to do”, the private detective further states during an interview that was recently recorded in Spain, stressing that “the inquiry would probably have had a different outcome without the intervention of the private detectives, but equally without that of certain British professionals.”

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