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Jordan And Peter Andre’s Roll On Sex

by | 17th, November 2008

FOR too long Peter Andre was unable to get close to his wife, the fragrant (tones of used adolescent tissue over base notes of horse-drawn caravan and strawberry mentos) Katie Price.

For many months pop acorn Peter nestled under Katie’s embonpoint, never seeing the sun and resorting to looking healthy with self-tanning gels that had no fear of streaking because in Pete’s world it never rained, just lightly perspired.

Then Katie went to Arm-ewika and deflated. Peter would now, finally, be able to get closer to the woman of his dreams.

But now we learn that with her Jordans less gargantuan, Peter is still being kept away, at arm’s length.

In “Peter might not get it often…but when he does it’s worth it” Jordan says in the Sun that Pete wants sex but doesn’t get it all that often.

On thing Katie is riding every day, though, is her horse. And she’s in training for the London marathon, looking to breast the tape in under 2 hours, and cross the line in under four.

But what of sex? What with the hair care range, the cosmetic range, the reality TV show and the surgery, the wonder is where Pete will get a look in.

One can only hope that he hangs around long enough Katie mistakes him for one of her new range of feminine hygiene products and give him a going over that will make the wait worthwhile…

Roll on. Roll get ’em off!

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