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Barack Obama Is Whigger, Trigger, Whiten Black Man

by | 18th, November 2008

ON the BBC: “Is Obama black?”

Yes. He is black. So let’s move on with the post-racial politics…

Kimberly McClain DaCosta Harvard University wonders:

One well-known African American writer, Debra Dickerson, famously objected that Obama is not of the people properly defined as “black” on the grounds that because he is not descended from slaves.

Ergo, he is not black – at all.

Debra… No, never heard of her. Obama is black. Idi Amin was not black. So, let’s move on…

The bulk of the people protesting against references to Obama as a black man, however, grant that he is “part” black (by way of his father), but assert that because he also has a white mother it is not “accurate” to call him black.

He is “in fact” mixed-race, they say.

He’s no nigger. He’s no white trash. Obama is a whigger, a trigger, a trasher, a washer, a whiten… He’s black…

We (I have an African American father and an Irish American mother) were raised on the front lines of racial change, where the new rules about interracial intimacy often clashed with the old – both in public and in our own families.

He’s a Pacific American, Irish American, Afro American, Euro American, Asiatic Amerian, Oceanic American, fag-smokin’, hard tokin’, vote pimpin’, fist bumpin’, hope bringin’, white black yellowy tanned record breaker!

For us, being black and mixed-race are not mutually exclusive. We have learned to live with the contradictions. Perhaps it’s time for everyone else to learn to live with them too.

Spoken like a true whatever…

Spotter: Michael K.

Barack Obama: It’s All About Race

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